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Signium International celebrates its 60th anniversary during 2011

Chicago, IL, USA. - Signium International, Inc., the second oldest Retained Executive Search firm worldwide, is celebrating 60 years of supporting leading companies around the globe to attract, retain and develop their top managerial talent in an increasingly diverse and challenging economic climate.

In 1951 Henry Wardwell Howell formed, in New York City, one of the first management-consulting firms focused solely on senior level executive search, Ward Howell USA (today Signium International). In 1979 the international company was founded and named Ward Howell International, Inc. as a subsidiary of Ward Howell USA. In 1982 the name of the international company was changed to Ward Howell International Group, Inc. (also known as “WHIG”). At that time it remained a subsidiary of Ward Howell USA.

In 1994 the company reorganized and became owned by the shareholders – the global members and in 1998 was transformed into Signium International on a renewed course to further develop its reputation as a leader in the global executive search market.

Signium International was one of the founders of the AESC (the Association of Executive Search Consultants) and helped develop the original Professional and Ethical standards of our profession, still conscientiously maintained by the firm today.

As Signium has developed, it has concentrated on identifying and recruiting candidates for strategic leadership roles. Signium defines the search for Directors and C level positions as an extension of management consultancy. Ignacio Bao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Signium International explains how Signium aims to aid its clients:

“We know our clients’ business and are aware of movements in the sector as well as projections for the future. We are the eyes and ears of the market, which helps us to prepare companies for the future. We set out to ensure that our clients are able to continue growing in an ever-changing market.” 

In more recent years Signium has driven important growth into emerging markets such as India, the Middle East and Latin America, allowing the firm to better meet the increasingly global needs of its clients in this “ever-changing market”.

Signium’s Board of Directors is comprised of Senior Partners from around the world, representing the diversity and the global nature of the firm.  It is our partners who are responsible for managing strategy, communications, sectoral and cross-practice teams throughout the organization, delivering consistent methodologies and quality standards. 

Signium International has a network of 43 offices strategically distributed in 27 countries. Although the technical resources and quality standards are consistently aligned for each office, Signium International prides itself on its local member focus, making key market knowledge available to its clients worldwide.

During this year of celebration Signium will hold meetings in Miami for the Americas region; in London for the Europe, Middle East, Africa region and in Chicago, Signium’s headquarters, for its annual global event at which all Signium Partner firms will connect with clients and colleagues to celebrate Signium’s rich history and further develop its future strategy.  

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