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2011 Signium International Researcher’s Conference

Signium International, international executive search firm specializing in talent management at the highest level, organized in Milan, Italy, on 15 and 16 October, the Annual Conference of the Researcher's, led by Ignacio Bao, Chairman of Signium International, along with Paul Rossignol, Managing, Partner in EMEA (Europe, MiddleEast & Asia).

The attendees were: Carolina Banegas (Senior Associate) & Florie Saulnier (Senior Associate) representing the office of Spain, Isabella Kuster (Associate) representing the office of Italy, Adeline Petit, Natalia Rousseau, representing the office of France, Christian Orth, Jennifer Corvers & Dirk-Thomas Fichna, representing the office of Germany, Carol O'Connor, representing the office of Ireland, Anna Katarzyna Kuras & Giedrys, representing the office of Poland and Darryl Mills, representing the office in Australia.

As guest speakers, there were present at the Conference: Laura Stoker, Executive Director of Global Training on AIRIS. She has over 15 years of experience in research. As a research expert she experimented with various different search methods on a diverse and global level. Laura is among the most frequent speakers at conferences on the subject in national and international industries. She has been conducted studies and papers in Onrec, AESC, ANTES and Kennedy Information. From its inception in AIRIS in 2000, she worked for numerous corporate clients in many different industries worldwide.

The second guest was Jason Starr, Dillistone Systems President and CEO of Dillistone Group Plc. He has developed his career in the research training provided Internet tools for training in and development of strategies around the world in the United States and Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and teaching courses to a large number of signatures Executive World search.

The Researcher’s World Conference is held every year, rotating through different cities in which Signium International has offices. During the Conference there have been covered topics and current training for the Researcher’s position, seeking an exchange of experiences and communication among the various offices.

About Signium International

Founded in 1951 by Howell Wardwell in New York (USA), Signium International is currently present in 27 countries with 42 offices worldwide, with more than 150 highly qualified consultants to search for senior managers and HR consulting. Thus, the firm achieves a high quality service and a consistent methodology for both national and multinational clients taking an overview and key local market knowledge to each process.

Signium International is one of the founding members of the AESC (The Association of Executive Search Consultants) and is committed to its code of ethics and procedures and is the first executive search firm member of ASCRI (Spanish Association of Venture Capital).

Signium International represents the firm in the southern European market with offices in Madrid, Barcelona (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal) and Milan (Italy).

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