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First Report Of The Family Owned Business - Spain 2011

First Report Of The Family Owned Business - Spain 2011

Signium International presented, at the IE Business School Madrid, The First Report of the Family Owned Business in Spain 2011.

The report was presented on February 27th, by Ignacio Bao, Chairman of Signium International, Manuel Bermejo, Expert on Family Business and Entrepreneurship and Sergio Rivas, Partner, Retail & Consumer Goods at Signium International.

This report was based on interviews with a selection of Spanish business owners whose property is held by a family group whose turnover exceeds 200 million Euros. For the purposes of this report is considered a family business is one whose political control is in the hands of an individual, family or household. The selected companies are active in the major sectors of private enterprise in Spain: construction, civil engineering, tourism, distribution, food, automotive, etc..

Interviews were conducted between September and October 2011.

Almost all who have answered the questionnaire, held senior management positions in their companies (usually the chief executive) or are the Board of Directors of the company.

The authors' goal was to identify not only the state of opinion of a significant representation of the leading Spanish companies’ owner with respect to the environment, but what are some of the best management practices for these types of companies that constitute a clear majority in the Spanish business. Taking this into account, it is noteworthy that the great Spanish businessmen are showing a strong commitment to the crisis, although most recognize as profound difficulties for its activity, it is also true that continue to rely on their business, even in such painful circumstances as we live in today. The authors therefore feel that in addition to value this social commitment for the new government should be a clear priority in everything that involves improvements in the environment in which Spanish employers must develop, given that in their hands is, in large measure, job creation, which is the main topic on the agenda of Spain.

The study can be downloaded clicking here (Spanish)
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