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Conclave Spain - India

On 28 May in Madrid offices of Signium International has made a forum and rapprochement of cultures Spain - India, trying to open avenues of business development in common.

The Forum - Cocktail Signium Spain - India has been chaired by World President International and Managing Partner Signium Signium International of Spain, D. Ignacio Bao and the Managing Partner of India, D. Kiran Koppula.


Himanshu Dube: Director of International Signium India
Gabriel Diaz: General Manager of Aurobindo
Maria Novoa: TCS Country Manager
Monica Garcia: ACC10 Representative
Naveen Mishra: Regional Manager of Tata Motors Europe
Nag Star: Business Development Manager of Global Quest
William Rodriguez: Country Manager of House of India
Alfonso Rebuelta: Managing Partner - Global Financial Solution Signium International Spain
Sergio Rivas: Signium International Partner of Spain
Pedro Herraiz: Main Signium International Spain
Nicoletta Patrizi: Main Signium International Spain
Tatiana Martin: Senior Associate International Signium Spain
Monica Salamanca: Communication & Marketing Director of International Signium Spain

The meeting was very productive in both directions and interesting conclusions could be drawn on the business channels for communication between different companies and organizations from both countries.

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