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Signium Internacional – EMEA Conference 2012

Signium International is pleased to announce on 24th and 25th of May was held in Seville, the EMEA Conference 2012, which was attended by 62 head-hunters of 18 nationalities.

The Conference was chaired by the Chairman of Signium International, Mr. Ignacio Bao and Managing Partner, EMEA, Mr. Paul Rossignol. At the Conference was invited Mr. Ignacio Osborne, Chairman of Osborne, who spoke on the lines of business of his company.

During the Conference was made an analysis of the most influential sectors in the Executive Search and business lines by country.

About Signium International

Founded in 1951 in New York by Wardwell Howell, Signium International is currently represented in 28 countries around the world with 44 offices with over 150 consultants specializing in finding highly qualified executives. The firm offers high quality services for both domestic and international clients with a perspective on globalization, its key is a high specialization in each sector and local knowledge to each project. Signium International is one of the founding companies of AESC (Global Association for Retained Executive Search and Leadership Consulting Firms), which has developed a code of ethics governing the sector today.

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