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Signium International and Tormo Asociados present the unique wage study of the Franchise Sector for second consecutive year

Signium International, international Executive Search (Headhunter)  specializing in Talent Management, along with Tormo Asociados, a consultancy specializing in franchise, presented on September 25th 2012, together, for the second consecutive year, " Comparative analysis of the salaries in the sector of the franchise ", the only one held in our country.

• A unique study, which analyzes the remuneration of the industry and its evolution compared to 2011.
• It consolidates variable compensation generally increases slightly the remuneration of strategic positions and non-cash remuneration fall.

The data in this report was obtained through the analysis of the 250 networks with more weight in the franchise (together total 51,372 establishments, a total of 64,822; billed 15.671 million euros of a total of 18,990, and generate 214,179 jobs, a total of 359,527) and analyzes the six main positions throughout the franchise organization. This year, as a novelty, have also analyzed the behavior of wages in companies’ particpiated by venture capital or private equity companies.

In it, and in order to obtain the most accurate results, we have analyzed the fixed salary, the variable and the main benefits of industry professionals, such as health insurance, life insurance, pension plans, tickets restaurants, garage, car, gym, etc ...

The report also set three targets as turnover, with the goal of making it possible to compare the different remuneration as follows:

TARGET A: Turnover between € 80 mn and € 300 mn
TARGET B: Turnover between € 30 mn and € 80 mn
TARGET C: Turnover between € 15 mn and € 30 mn


• Grow the salary compensation of the CEO and COO, in the case of companies in the Target A is between 160,000 and 180,000 €.
• The better paid positions are the CEO, CFO and Director of Expansion.
• The lowest paid, marketing managers and HR
• The spread between the minimum wage and maximum salary of professionals at various positions in the three targets, in most cases does not exceed € 20,000 a fork.
• Grow the weight of variable compensation against the fixed, linked to the achievement of objectives achieved by the company, by department and by the same manager, achieving greater involvement towards achieving targets.
• There are several factors involved directly in the salary, regardless of the position he occupied on the same: the size of the chain, the total number of establishments, its international presence, if the company is domestic or foreign, whether it is a family business, years of professional experience or the area where the activity takes place.


• The non-cash compensation is more related to turnover than the type of position. That is, the higher the turnover of the company, the higher the noncash benefits offered.
• In the past year, companies have begun to remove, although not significantly, the car seats, insurance, etc.. and it seems that this trend will increase.
• The positions with higher pay or benefits in kind are directors or expansion of operations, primarily due to their functions.


• In these companies, the CEO position, and to a lesser extent the CFO and expansion, have a fee significantly above average.
• In this type of company, the managers usually have simpler compensation packages, generally in line with the market. However, the big difference is that they have a stake in the output value or sale of the company. These shares are typically priced at a rate that usually ranges from 1% to 10% and is usually split between the CEO and other executives considered crucial in the project. Logically, the chief executive is the one with more weight compared to the rest of the team and its stake is usually between 2% and 5%.
• We note that in this case it's Senior Management profiles, that great goals are deadlines really short (3-5 years).

"The professionalization franchise sector is increasingly evident, said Eduardo A. Tormo, CEO of consulting firm specializing in franchise Tormo Asociados, and in this context it is necessary to know the salary of its employees and have a reference guide. However, as always will remain the most significant work capacity, identification with the company and the continued effort in the medium and long run by professionals who are incorporated into each company. For our part, we believe it is increasingly necessary in the executive total compensation link with the final results, contrary to what has been happening until recently. "

According to Sergio Rivas, Retail & Consumer Partner of the international Executive Search firm Signium  International: "We are very pleased to have been pioneers in conducting a study of this nature, and with this initiative we hope to contribute to the ongoing professionalization that taking place for years in an industry as dynamic and strategic as the franchise. "


Founded in 1951 in New York by Wardwell Howell, Signium International is the second headhunter company in the world and is currently represented in 28 countries worldwide through 44 offices with over 150 consultants specializing in finding highly qualified executives. The company offers high quality services for both domestic and international clients with a perspective based on globalization, its key is highly specialized in each sector and local knowledge to each project. Signium International is one of the founding companies of AESC (Global Association for Retained Executive Search and Leadership Consulting Firms), which has developed a code of ethics governing the sector today.

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