Search Services

Executive Search

Client assessment is designed to identify the very best candidates for your executive search needs.

Board Level Search

Identification of candidates for board-level positions.

Temporary Executive Search

Identification of candidates to cover temporary absences in top-level positions.

Team Search

Identification of the best professional teams for companies who do not want to hire executives individually, but are looking for a consolidated team.

Leadership Services

Top Management Evaluation

Signium has developed a Segmentation Model based on designing the appropriate Competencies Model for each company. 

Once the most relevant competencies have been selected, they are then used to design a "structured interview" model, which will in turn be applied during a two-hour interview to evaluate and define the competencies profile of the professional being interviewed, based on a performance scale of 1 to 5.

Market Intelligence

Signium Spain has developed a methodology that permits for feedback allowing us to continuously improve existing views on talent management in today's market. This being our objective, we have carried out a Benchmarking of the company's competency profiles with other profiles in the market pertaining to successful professionals.

The aim of this diagram is to gain an understanding of the key to success in terms of best practices. This is achieved by means of defining a dual-purpose parameter model, which both allows for feedback on the present talent management model and identifies the best professionals in the current market to join the company being evaluated.

Additional Services Offered:

Corporate Governance Assessment
Executive Compensation Assessment
Coaching, Management Development
Succession and Retention Plans

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